Third Reich Emblems - Introduction


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This Blog is intended to replace a very popular 'board' on 'Pinterest' - which was entitled
'Third Reich - Emblems'

The 'supposed' reason for the removal was the that the images went against Pinterest's policies on what they call 'hate speech'. As no text accompanied the images, except a descriptive title - such as 'Reich Adler' -it is difficult to understand how such items of purely historical and 'graphic art' interest could be interpreted as 'hate speech'. Please note that all information provided on this, or associated blogs - either in written or in graphic form, in no way serves to support or condone the associated political, religious or philosophical views of any group - and are only provided as material of scholarly and historical interest.


  1. The attempted banishment of emblems of the past and the erasure of history (imperfect as it might be) is pitiful and an intellectual failure. By "failure" I mean a lack of critical examination of the times, mores and culture of history and the environment in which its particular emblems function. Thank you for this blog and keep up the good work!

  2. I agree...
    THanks for your comment.